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Developing Social Skills in Children with Autism

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Generally all autistic individuals will have social difficulties this is common to autism and due mainly to social skills deficits which are always present.

For the vast majority of parents with an autistic child, helping their autistic child to develop social skills is a primary focus.

Consequently, many treatments of autism have been researched and developed to help parents teach social skills to their ASD child.  Teaching social skills to children with autism can lead to an increase in positive behaviors and self-confidence.

There is a variety of treatments of autism that may be suitable for your ASD child, your G.P. will point you in the right direction and offer advice. For many parents and teachers of autistic children strategies such as social skills stories help them in teaching and developing social skills in children with autism.

An autism social story is a short descriptive story that acts like a role model of the situation or skill being developed or taught, which appears almost like a comic script or a step by step plan.

The goal of an autism social story is to focus on the key points or social cues of the situation or skill. And by using first person text and visual images build a plan of the skill or situation answering the “wh” questions (who, where, why, when and what) as well as giving an insight into the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others.

Social stories are used for a wide variety of situations and skills that need mastering or are causing stresses, for example: A shopping trip; meeting new people; recess; school dinner; assembly even a trip to the dentist. Any of these situations can be dealt with using a simple autism social story.

The autism social story can be used to help practice skills and behaviors, manage negative behaviors, explain changes to routines and make confusing or stressful events and situations understandable by allowing the child with autism a chance to rehearse the skill or situation in advance.

Developing social skills in children with autism will need to be done directly using autism visual supports like social skills stories, because generally children with autism find social situations confusing due to social skills deficits. Asocial story can make an otherwise confusing or stressful skill or situation more routine.

For a child with autism having a step by step action plan in the form of a simple autism social story; that they can read and understand, that is visually rich and easy to follow, can be a tremendous benefit and reduce their fears and sensitivities.

Reports suggest that using social skills stories for developing social skills goals for children with autism is beneficial. Skills such as tooth brushing, hygiene, asking questions and calming down can all be tackled using social stories as a strategy.

To learn more about using social stories as a strategy and how they are used to benefit a child with autism visit:

Other sites that offer social skills stories can be found at:

Social storie are used widely to develop social and communication skills in children with autism and related conditions

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